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Обновление CS:Source до версии

Новости CS:S
Дата: 17.09.2011, 14:41
Категория: Counter-Strike Source

16 сентября вышло новое обновление для css и других source игр. Обновление, кстати говоря, довольно весомое. Владельцы Steam уже давно обновились, а "пиратчикам" необходимо скачать данный патч.

Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)
  • Added a server command line option called "-dumplongticks" which will generate minidumps when there are long server frames
  • Fixed startmovie failing for the raw, tga, jpg, and wav options
  • Fixed some HUD messages not displaying properly on widescreen resolutions
  • Updated the localization files for all games

Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)
  • Fixed Demomen with the Persian Persuader equipped picking up ammo crates when they're already at full health
  • Fixed hatless headgear not removing the player's hat
  • Fixed Natascha's bullets preventing Scouts from using Bonk and Crit-a-Cola
  • Fixed teleporter progress being displayed incorrectly after upgrading a teleporter while it was recharging
  • Fixed a rare server crash related to assists
  • Fixed FCVAR_NOTIFY chat messages being clipped and not displaying the new value for the cvar
  • Purchased items are no longer announced in the chat text
  • Reduced the amount of server console output when client commands are out of sync
  • Added the following ConVars for proxy support for replay FTP offloading: replay_fileserver_offload_useproxy, replay_fileserver_offload_proxy_host, and replay_fileserver_offload_proxy_port
  • Removed replay_port ConVar (and the need for replay to open a port)
  • Updated the matchmaking filtering to speed up searches and reduce the number of pinged servers
  • Updated Pl_Upward
    • Fixed ending the game mid-round when mp_timelimit has been reached
    • Fixed several exploit areas
  • Updated Pl_Goldrush
    • Stage 1 : Fixed overlapping train track models
    • Stage 1 : Fixed terrain seam by red spawn exit 
    • Stage 1 : Fixed red spawn room door going through ceiling
    • Stage 1 : Light fixture on roof structure of red's first spawn building switched to non-solid 
    • Stage 2 : Added func_nobuild under bridge that would get teleported players stuck
    • Stage 3 : Added invisible func_brushes above roofs to block blind demo grenade spam
    • Stage 3 : Fixed wood structure by main gate entrance so it doesn't destroy teleport buildables
    • Stage 3 : Added clip brush to top of main gate entrance
    • Stage 3 : Extended red's respawn room brushes to enclose entire interior
    • Stage 3 : Added respawn visualizer material to back face of blocker that prevents red from entering blue's respawn area from the top route
  • Updated Items
    • Added the Killer Exclusive
    • Added the Mask of the Shaman to the droplist and made it craftable
    • Added the El Jefe to the droplist and made it craftable
    • Added two new styles for the Large Luchadore
    • Fixed the Industrial Festivizer sometimes turning white
    • Updated the shading on the Crusader's Crossbow
    • Updated the Magnificent Mongolian texture and made it paintable
    • Updated the Carouser's Capotain with an improved appearance
    • Updated the Whiskered Gentlemen with an improved appearance
    • Updated the particle effects for the Cow Mangler 5000 and the Righteous Bison
    • Updated the Stickybomb Jumper
      • Now uses a unique texture and projectile
      • No longer causes the wielder to take increased damage from other sources

Добавил: admin | Просмотров: 8268 | Рейтинг: 4.3/5 из 6

Комментариев: 121 2 »
Халк » 19.09.2011 в 15:15 написал:

Тихий ужас... sad

seregaDZ » 18.09.2011 в 19:20 написал:


cs:go » 18.09.2011 в 12:57 написал:

не наоборот прицел клёвый

JaZz-Ik » 18.09.2011 в 11:50 написал:

Уже v dry

ZONE » 18.09.2011 в 10:13 написал:

Блин не прицел а говно sad

weazy96 » 18.09.2011 в 05:27 написал:

опять обновили css до biggrin бесит мне сегодня стим второй раз обновляют cry когда уже перестанут обновлять а то замучился

cs:go » 17.09.2011 в 23:59 написал:

жопа с прицелом

Parkour5 » 17.09.2011 в 19:39 написал:

Разброс такой же ! Это прицел подправили на отдачу.Лучше стало.

Folles » 17.09.2011 в 18:02 написал:

dry я лично обновлять наверно даже не буду

intrepid » 17.09.2011 в 17:49 написал:

Надоели эти обновления уже...

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